Asif Openners

Asif Openers

These openers were by Israeli animation artists. We are grateful for these wonderful creations. We invite you all to watch them again on Asif’s website and get to know the wonderful artists who created them



Director animator and sound designer – Oz Animation




  Director &animator – Stav levi

sound design – Shataya Music


Design &animation – Plonter Studio


Design & animation  – Animoshe
Sound design – Atili


Director animator and sound designer – Shahaf Ram


Deign & animation – Edik & Nurit Mitgartz
Sound design – Ofer Tisser


Director and animator – Ofra Kobliner
Soun design – Noam Ahdut


Director and animator – Ori Toor
Sound design – Tali Ben Itzhak


Neta n Lior is a multidisciplinary studio that makes things look nice.

יוצרים: Neta n Lior
אנימציה: ליאור בן חורין
אנימציה נוספת: רפי יניגר, רעות אלעד
עיצוב פס קול: מארקי פאנק
מאסטרינג: אפיק נעים


יוצרים: סטודיו פויינק

Our animation bubble consists of three creative partners:

Lynn PolyakAssaf Benharroch and Idan Vardi.

We opened the studio in order to produce uncompromising, mega creative animation, using our unique illustrated style.

Making sure that the client’s message is transferred in the most elegant, fun and memorable way possible.


יוצר: אבי עופר

Freelance illustrator and animation director. Experienced in projects for a variety of media, including book and editorial illustration as well as direction of animated films, both commissioned and independent. Exhibited in art shows and screened in festivals around the world.



Zaz animation is a collaboration of israeli artists who specialize in stop motion animation, mixed-media and other animation techniques.
Each of our films looks and feels unique. They are entirely made by hand, frame by frame, and are costume-designed to the smallest detail in varied styles and materials.

בימוי אנימציה: שרון גזית.
פיתוח קונספט: שרון גזית, עידן ורדי.

Pil Animation was founded in 1998 by award winning animator and director, Sharon Gazit, who acts as our Creative Director and co-CEO. For many years now, Sharon has taught generations of animators at Bezalel Academy of the Arts and Minshar School of Art.


עיצוב ואנימציה:
גיא חרל”פ – קישור לפליקר
ואיתמר דאובה  – קישור לאתר

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